Cat Tales homophone project

CAT TALES by Michael Hall... Michael Hall's inquisitive cats set out to spend the afternoon snacking and reading, but wind up chasing words, including homophones and homonyms, on a silly tongue twister of an adventure!

First, "What is a homophone?"

A homophone is a set of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling.  An example might be:


Get it?:)


For this project, you will be creating a picture that describes a homophone pair.  We will be using CATS as the characters in your project, since we are trying to create something a bit like Michael Hall.  Check out the pictures of how to draw a CAT like Michael's.  When you are done practicing, checkout the examples of homophones and pick one pair to turn into a sentence.  Example might be: The cat READ a RED book.  OR, The cats were eating a PAIR of PEARS.

You will then draw a picture of the sentence you just created!  Here are some examples from students in past years!

Click on this link for LOTS of homophone examples:

Materials: Pencil, paper, crayons, markers, or oil pastels. 

HOW-TO -DRAW cats like Michael Hall:

Reading, CAT Tale by Michael Hall