Lesson #7: Draw a Lego self-portrait


Goal: Build a detailed self-portrait using a famous style. 

DirectionsHave you ever thought about what you MIGHT look like as a LEGO character?  Well here's your chance!  As you draw, make sure to add little details from your face, hair, and clothing to make a Lego character look like you. We can't wait to see your Lego selves! 


Tips from Mrs. Vaughn: I would watch the first video, just to get the idea of how to draw a Lego person.  Then, find a picture of yourself (or have someone take one of you) so you can have that in front of you as you draw your face, hair and clothing.  Again, I think it is easiest to watch the first video on how to draw the basic figure and then watch the other two. Have fun!

Optional: How did yours turn out? 

Tell us about it in your Exit Ticket